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Education + Technology

Our Algorithmic Algorithm, consistently searches for specific trend condition criteria. Once enabled, this Algorithm is, then focused on high-speed technology, Driven by technical analysis. This simplified approach transforms complicated stocks into simple yet effective option trade alert.

Because the program has computerized rules built in, it can more rapidly readily identify potential long(call)/short(put)entries that the options trader may miss, even if the trader manually uses the same rules.

Our Algorithmic Tools, Show the Markets Footprint. Our Product Features as follow:

  • Alert Service:
    CBOE, SPDR, Proshares, Direxion Products

  • Specialized Designed Proprietary

  • Visual Alert Notification:
    Specialized Designed Proprietary Chart-Overlays That Show The Alert Signal

  • Tradingview Charting Cloud Data Connectivity 

  • Simulated Trading:
    Learn how to maximize the algorithmic option alerts and how to apply the strategy.

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